Russian Man Grows Penis on Arm

Russian doctors have conducted an 11-hour operation to replace a patient’s deformed penis with one grown on his forearm, the Moskovskiy Komsomolets daily reports.

The 30-year-old Russian man, whose name was changed in the article to protect his privacy, had a defect from birth — his penis was crooked, two-and-a-half-inches long and lacked a scrotum, the newspaper writes.

The doctors had the penis removed and attached to the man’s arm. Using his body tissue it grew to six-and-a-half inches and was sewn back on to his groin. Silicone tubes were inserted into the organ to ensure an erection was possible. Doctors also created a scrotum from the patient’s own skin and placed silicone testicles in it.

A Moscow surgeon said the man will be able to have sex in a few months. He added: “Women will never suspect it is artificial.”



  1. Why did they put this ugly thing on him arm where all can see it?? They could have put it on his leg.

  2. Man, that is sooooo sick!!!! i’m sorry, but, i could not live like that, i guess it’s all in the name of being able to have sex.

  3. OK small fries this is not a procedure you can just purchase and solve your tiny problems, Ask about health risk and if you can get one on each arm and leg then you would be famous!!!

  4. And why is this important to the rest of the world? This is a very private matter to whom it may concern. This is exactly what is wrong with the world now, each of us have flaws but would rather focus on this one mans private issue. You may as well show his face, tell his name and tell us all where he lives, so that that we could disrespect him even more!

  5. /
    / I Ha Ha Ha!! That was funny…and I do
    / I question why they would put it on his arm.
    I Maybe he had to take extra precautions,
    I and not irritate the penis on his arm…iono.

  6. OMG its wild but i’m like most somewhere where others couldn’t see like his leg… but i wonder did he have felling in it?

  7. I would have told them to just leave it where it was on the arm. Seems easier to use there.

  8. …….that was truly weird, yet interesting. Cindy, you question the importance to the rest of the world and condemn folks for posting it, but only after YOU read it. it was apparently important to you. Angela, i hate it for you, but all guys aren’t that.

  9. “Why did they put this ugly thing on him arm where all can see it?? They could have put it on his leg.”

    Because then it would have been a foot!!


  10. Jeez thats funny sam

    Sam, on March 20th, 2007 at 2:18 pm Said:
    “Why did they put this ugly thing on him arm where all can see it?? They could have put it on his leg.”

    Because then it would have been a foot!!


  11. Angela, on March 20th, 2007 at 1:48 am Said:

    it should be on forehead cuz all men re dickheads

    Take Your Neo-Feminism and Go back to your Dyke Rallies for Equal Rights.

    It Seems You Should Take it Up the Ass a few Times, just to Loosen Up.

    You’d Pass that Up for the Smell of Fish, though.

  12. Hey God of man, from your website link I’d thought you’d like a guy with a dick on his forehead!

  13. “Rick, on March 16th, 2007 at 3:46 pm Said:
    He could give himself a blowjob …for free!”

    Who the fuck pays themself if they can suck their own dick?

  14. You are a mother fucker if you laugh at his disability.What would u do if u had no penis?or gotta small one.If u a girl.laughing at him then u are a slut,u bitch.I pray for him.

  15. Maybe you shouldnt have such an objective way of viewing males. If i viewed women the same way you view men, my thoughts would be “All women are lustful seductive sluts that are very bitchy and complain”. Now not all women are like that, and you know not all men are “dickheads”. Don’t act so biased, and dont men to assist you if all you do is consider them dickheads; Maybe if you had a more positive outlook on men, they would treat you better. No one likes a bitch.

  16. well i think due to gravity if it was on his leg then he would have gained a 12 inches and we all know thats to much meat to dangle around

  17. It’s because this is unusual and newsworthy. By knowing about it we are disrespecting him? As someone who is interested in medical science, I find this an interesting article.

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