Most Overweight Countries – Obesity Rates By Country

Most Overweight Countries – Obesity Rates By Country – It is no secret that obesity has become a problem in a number of different countries, most notably in America and other countries in North America. Now, it appears that the condition has taken an increasingly damaging toll on society across the world.

KFC seemed to up the ante when they released their Double Down sandwich is full of calories, fat and sodium. The sandwich does not include any bread and instead features two pieces of fried chicken as the alleged buns.

This gain of weight across the world has led to increased revenue in the weight loss industry and the development of millions of products and systems for losing weight.

The United States is one of the fattest nations in the world. Overall, close to seventy percent of the nation is either overweight or obese, with many waiting far too long to begin their weight loss. It is now the main contributor to heart disease in the country, and millions of people die each year from complications related to obesity.

Mexico – 69.5%
U.S.A. – 68%
New Zealand – 62.6%
Australia – 61.4%
U.K. – 61.4%
Ireland – 61%
Iceland – 60.2%
Canada – 60%
Chile – 59.7%
Greece – 58.9%
Slovenia – 55.1%
Luxembourg – 54.8%
Spain – 54.8%

Everyone is aware of the problem, but seemingly does nothing to fix it. The problem could lie in the fact that a majority of the population simply has no idea what it means to eat healthy. Many of today’s youth grew up on potato chips, crackers and fattening bread, and not the vegetables and fruits that they should have. It will be interesting to see how the views on nutrition change in the coming years as more and more people begin to suffer from obesity.


  1. I am a little puzzled by this: By far, the United States is the fattest nation in the world. Overall, seventy percent of the nation is either overweight or obese

    when it is followed by this:

    Mexico – 69.5%
    U.S.A. – 68%

    What am I missing?

  2. cigarettes are quite expensive and people are slowly but surely, quitting smoking. junk food and non-nutritious food(s) should also be expensive. make healthy, nutritious food affordable. this is a guaranteed solution for keeping health care costs down and bring obesity under control. governments and food corporations just don’t seem to get it. everyone else can. who cares about health when stinking, effing greed is running the show. the human race is doomed and will become extinct if we don’t get our priorities right.

  3. Obesity levels in america are higher than in mexico, therefore making it fatter. Although he never really mentioned that.

  4. i agree. I think in australia we should tax junk food and definitely fruit and veggies should be made cheaper for more people to buy them. But that hardly seems possible when our fruit and veg growers are experiencing floods, cyclones and fires. If junk food chains don’t pass the heart foundation approval test, they shouldn’t be allowed to run. People are getting fatter and more feral.

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